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Get deep insights into your online presence with Exo. Exo is for high-risk individuals in a time crunch, those who have goals for the future and want to exceed their digital privacy goals.

Sector Use Cases

Learn how we can best serve you in light of the industry you work in. Every sector has nuances, so we tailor our approach to the specific risks you face in your industry.

— You're involved in the bleeding edge of financial research, negotiation, and investment.

Whether you're working in Venture Capital, Retail Banking, Wholesale investing, or Private Equity, we can help you keep control of commercially sensitive information until you seal the deal.

— Knuckle down on your digital privacy strategies by curating well-intentioned digital privacy workflows while recruiting for high-risk roles at high-confidentiality organisations.

We'll help you maintain privacy between yourself, candidates, and the organisations you work with.

— Implement strategies to keep the substantive elements of your latest piece private while you undertake your research.

From academia through to clinical research trials, we can help you maintain the privacy of your data, findings, and collated research until you're ready for peer review and publication.

How Exo works

From Insights to

Receiving insights into the status and scores of your privacy is one thing, and acting on our recommendations is another. We know the information we're dealing with can be daunting, but we're here to help. We'll walk with you through your privacy journey step-by-step. We give both contextual insights and help you with implementation.

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Keep the Privacy
Machine Running

Operational security ensures that your information does not get into the wrong hands. Once you are on top of your privacy, you have to make sure that previous actions are not repeated. After implementing our recommendations, we'll work with you to devise realistic strategies to ensure they stick well into the future.

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Strategise for

After working with us and implementing privacy strategies, we'll teach you how to keep up with best practices as they change. We want to help you keep on top of your privacy for the long run.

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